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Makes the collection proud makachoob  That has been able to suit your customers' tastes in the field bed set Provide and be your dear guest house. Company makachoob The specialized manufacturer of bed service with more than a decade of brilliant activity and having extensive representative units throughout the country, along with providing a 12-month warranty and 60-month after-sales service, has been able to provide excellent services for its customers in the country and surrounding countries. Some production collection honors makachoob 1- Selected as the best sleeping service in HOFEX International Exhibition 2016 2- Selected as the second top brand in export sleeping service 3- Receiving the statue of Customer Satisfaction Our most basic belief is customer satisfaction that, except in the shadow of improving the quality level of products, timely execution Our obligations to customers and stakeholders, reasonable prices and prompt and transparent response when receiving their complaints are not possible. Considering the above and believing that quality is the way to which there is no end, and with the view of respecting customers and promoting this issue among all staff and observing legal requirements, we try to move in accordance with the world standard for continuous improvement. Also proudly informs our dear colleagues about all the company's products makachoob It has an industrial registration number from the Ministry of Industry and Mines.

 All Makachoob products have a 12-month warranty and a 5-year after-sales service.


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